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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


NBA Star Shaquille O'Neal Gets His Own BurnLounge Music Store

Today BurnLounge, the world's first community-powered digital music service, took a huge step forward announcing that NBA Champion, Shaquille O'Neal has joined the community powered network to promote his seven rap/hip-hop albums. O'Neal has always had a passion for music and is very excited to work with a company that shares the same passion. “By distributing my albums through BurnLounge, it not only gives me a new outlet to reach my fans, but also gives them the opportunity to become digital-music promoters themselves by legally sharing music with their friends,” said O’Neal.

BurnLounge’s innovative new digital distribution platform allows artists to promote their music in a viral community and connect people to their music in a more meaningful way. Through this platform, artists and fans can build their own fully functioning digital download store, where they can sell music and have access to a vast catalog of over a million titles from all of the major labels and hundreds of independent and unsigned artists. The BurnLounge model offers everyone the opportunity to participate in the music industry by promoting their favorite artists and albums on their personal store while receiving a percentage of the sales.

Alex Arnold the co-founder and CEO of this incredible company believes that teaming with artists such as O'Neal and major music labels, the company continues to move closer to giving BurnLounge retailers access to the largest, most diverse music catalog available. “We want to give the BurnLounge community the ability to endorse the music they love by giving them access to variety of music they may otherwise not be able to find in stores.” Arnold said.

BurnLounge is the first, next-generation; community-powered digital music service enabling music fans to discover and enjoy music, as well as operate their own digital music stores and evangelize the music they love. Through this innovative model, BurnLounge provides record labels and artists with a new fan-driven promotional channel. For additional information, please visit


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